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How to improve parking management in cities

According to a recent piece by The Economist (see article), the way parking spaces are managed in cities may just be a waste of their potential in terms of money and urban development. Discounted rates for residents and lots of free parking spaces may, in fact, not be the right solution for enhancing the urban mobility and environment. As the author puts it, it all comes down to a vicious circle of supply and demand: in most cities car drivers can park on streets at low cost or even free of charge, so they'd rather go round and round looking for a space than pay a higher price for a garage. Tr...

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Europe says bye to BPA

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic compound that turns black when exposed to heat and is therefore used to coat paper and make it thermally reactive. The employment of BPA has been questioned by the European Union since 2014 due to its negative effects on health, especially the immune and reproductive system, linked to its hormone-mimicking properties. People who handle thermal paper frequently are thus likely to suffer from estrogen imbalances. This is the reason why, based on the assessments of the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the ECA (European Chemicals Agency), on 12 December 2...

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Tecnocarta joins Amazon!

In December 2015 we were invited by Amazon to join its platform as a Vendor in the healthcare section and we promptly seized the opportunity with great enthusiasm. After few months of technical set-up, our medical charts and accessories are now available for purchase online in Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain and, of course, Italy. Being an Amazon Vendor does not only embody the company's will to keep up the pace with current purchasing habits, but also represents a great chance for the Customer to order his favourite items in a quick and easy manner thanks to the Prime service. Next time...

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